Tips for Managing Allergies

Helpful Tips for Managing Your Allergies

The following tips can help to alleviate some of the distress caused by allergies:

  • Use mattress and pillow covers and wash bedding regularly in hot water to reduce exposure to dust mites. If possible consider replacing carpets with a non-porous flooring.
  • Avoid humidifiers and take necessary precautions to prevent mold and mildew from forming in your home.
  • Keep windows and doors dosed at all times and remove shoes when entering the home to avoid the transfer of pollen and other allergens.
  • Change filters regularly in heating and air conditioning units as well as vacuums, to avoid allergens from being picked up and kicked back out into your home. Also consider purchasing a HEPA Filter to reduce the allergens present.
  • If you have a pet, try to bathe them at least weekly and create an allergy-free zone in your bedroom where pet access is prohibited. Also, try to wipe down all surfaces once a week to remove any pet dander which may have collected.