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Fare Walk

The Oklahoma FARE Walk was on Sept.26, 2015.Our team the Food Allergy Warrior fared very well. We were the best fund raiser among the teams participating, we had the largest turnout and our T-shirt also earned accolades. Thank you Meredith, our PA for organizing our team walk. Thank you Lauren and Michael for your enthusiasm as teen ambassadors. Thank you all who came to help to find cure for food allergy. We are already preparing for the FARE walk for next year. When next year's date for the walk is available, we will post it here.

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Dr. Tarpay featured on KFOR-TV

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Oklahoma City, OK, is one of the worst cities in the nation for allergies. Dr. Tarpay offers tips to keep pollen at bay:

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The incidence of peanut allergy has significantly increased during the last 2 decades. A new study, the LEAP trial suggest that eating peanut early( during the first year of life ) may be associated with reduced risk of peanut allergy. Ten international medical organization created a " Consensus Communication "  an interim guidance for high risk infants. We expect new guidelines regarding feeding practices for healthy and high risk infants.  

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