Clinical Research

Clinical Research Center

Dr. Tarpay also functions as a Certified Principal Investigator (ACRP) for the clinical research center. Clinical research trials are a crucial step in the development and approval of new medical treatments and devices or the improvement of those currently available.

What We Do

While the term may seem intimidating, Clinical Research gives volunteers access to the most state of the art treatment options available, as well as those not yet available. Our Research Center conducts both pre-market (pre-FDA approval) and post market trials which may study new drugs or new ways of administering drugs currently available. Some of our trials study the safety and/or the effectiveness of a particular treatment and others are head to head comparison of different treatment options.

Why Would I Participate in a Clinical Trial?

When you choose to participate in clinical research programs, you are not only directly contributing to the advancement of medical care and treatment options, but you also give yourself or your child direct access to specialized medical care at no cost!

Current Studies

Our center offers several different clinical trials for patients of all ages! 

If you have:
  • a young child with a milk protein allergy
  • a child or teen with asthma
  • nasal polyps
  • the flu
  • or if you have asthma yourself
Give us a call! We may be able to help! Please call 405.286.9431 and we will happily answer all of your questions.

In the News


We have several studies going on that we are very excited about! These studies can provide cutting-edge treatments for symptoms that plague many people with asthma or allergies. We have studies for pediatrics, adolescents, and adults. Study-related medical care and medication are provided at no-cost and you may be paid for your time and travel. Inquiries are always confidential. Contact the research department to see how we can help you!

Click here to learn more about our research studies!

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Dr. Tarpay featured on KFOR-TV

According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, Oklahoma City, OK, is one of the worst cities in the nation for allergies. Dr. Tarpay offers tips to keep pollen at bay:

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